A Greek man and the English man are arguing whose language has the most words. The Greek man is adamant Greek has more words than English. The England man is equally adamant that English is the richer language. They continued to argue as they continued to drink until finally the English man says ‘It is…


Who Would Have Thought?

Last July, 2012, I said to a “proper” writer ‘Hey I have had this idea for a book it goes like this…’ He replied ‘It is too it was tricky to write someone else’s ideas why don’t you write it yourself. Then came my excuses. Dyslexic. Bottom in English at school. Can’t even write a…

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No Point of an Orchestra Playing in Space.

Well for some time I have occupied the top three slots on in both Greece sections. As the summer draws closer I am glad to relinquish the number three slot to a guide book every now and again but The Greek Village series keep sliding back up there. I am immensely proud of this…


Just a Load of (Compressed) Hot Air?

Watching the battle for e-readers between The Kindle, The Nook, IPad mini, Kobo and so on had convinced me that compact readers were a relatively newly invented idea. However there are claims that as early as 1949 Angela Ruz invented the first e-reader using pressurized air. She was inspired to invent the gadget to relieve…


People Are Amazing

Just had to share this video. I am perpetually in awe of people. From old ladies who learn how to live alone to young mums that lifts cars to save their babies, the injured using cyber limbs. Some of the things people do, or train themselves to do are simply unbelievable.